“I had the honor of being a part of a group led by Amy that was truly life changing. Amy has a beautiful gift as a compassionate listener and then, she knows just the right questions to ask in order to dig deep within, look at life through a different lens and take step after step down a path of deep transformation. I am truly grateful for that time in my life.”

– Judy Clark, Madison, WI


1:1 Coaching is the fast-track to getting what you want. 

Anyone can benefit from coaching. If you want to improve your life, coaching is an empowering experience where you can discover more of who you are and get a grasp at just how powerful you truly are. 

Do you want greater confidence? More money?
More fulfilling relationships?
Do you want to be in better shape? Healthier? Love and accept yourself and your body?                                                                                      Do you want shame and guilt to loosen it’s hold over you?              Would you like to recover from grief, loss, trauma and learn to THRIVE?

Do you want to be HAPPIER?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then coaching may be a fantastic option for you in order to achieve all that you want.

And I mean, what you really want.

One-on-One coaching is best experienced than explained. Set up a complimentary coaching call with me. Then you can decide if it’s something you actually want.    

“I am so grateful to be working with Amy. She is compassionate and asks the questions I need to answer in order to progress in life. After our first session, I felt energized, enthusiastic, and focused on taking the first few steps necessary to begin building the life I want to live. Amy’s approach is personable; she strikes a perfect balance between actively listening to me while sharing her life experience as it relates to mine. I feel very comfortable sharing my thoughts with her, and I look forward to our continued work together!”

Thalia Tarsinos, Educator, Yoga Instructor, Self-Care & Body Acceptance Advocate


“Amy Vaughn is the coach for those ready to make massive changes. I’m talking about the kind of changes that have stopped you until now. If you think what you want is impossible, too hard, or that the personal price is too much to pay, Amy understands as few do.

That used to be her. Yet, she faced her biggest obstacles and fears. She knows from experience what will happen as YOU do that. Amy will show you, step by step, how to make your fears smaller and fade away. Amy is that rare coach I refer people to. She listens deeply, cares fiercely, and delivers results fast. You deserve all that.”

-Alan Allard, Ph.D, Expert in High Performance & Happiness & Author of “Seven Secrets to Enlightened Happiness”.


Group Coaching is an enriching and exciting way to grow within a group setting.

In  a Group Coaching setting, you will reap the benefits of hearing other women’s stories and the coaching they receive. When you are a part of this type of coaching, not only will you receive coaching directed towards you, but you will also encounter important insights for your own life, simply by listening to the coaching that others receive.

If you are unfamiliar or unsure about 1:1 Coaching, Group Coaching can be a great place to start!

All Group Coaching is done virtually. Four one-hour sessions per month. 

Check out the Group Options and their descriptions below. If any of them resonate with you, sign up for a complimentary coaching call to talk more about which group will help you achieve what you really want.

Dates and times available upon request. If coaching groups are full, you may be added to the waitlist or a new group may be added. 


W3M (women Who Want More)

The title speaks for itself. This group is for any woman who wants more from their one wild life. This is for you, if you know there is something within you that longs for more.

As young girls, we were taught to have big dreams, but we weren’t taught that it was actually okay to pursue those dreams. 

Instead, women have been taught that we shouldn’t want more. We’ve been taught not to ask for anything too big. We’ve been dissuaded from pursuing what we really want and we have been taught to just be content. 

Because of all of the ways in which we have been conditioned, we can tend to hold ourselves back in our life, in our work, in our creative interests, hobbies and in business. 

It just doesn’t have to be that way! 


You might know exactly what you want, but you’re not sure how to get it.

You might know what you want, but don’t have the support to achieve it.

You might have no idea what you want, but you know at your core that there is more to discover about yourself and your “purpose” in the world.


MORE Freedom? MORE Fun? MORE (and improved) Friendships? MORE Clarity? MORE Passion? MORE Adventure? MORE Creativity?

It’s okay to want more! And it’s okay to pursue more!

This coaching group is for women, like you, who may feel tired of the status quo. You may feel frustrated that you have been underutilized, overlooked or told to stay in your lane.

The women in this group are ready (or at least want to be ready!) to bust out of their lane and trailblaze their own path. Doing this in a group setting can be one of the most empowering experiences in your life.

If you want MORE, then this group could be a fantastic fit for you!


I-WIL stands for (Introverted) Women in Leadership.

Everyone is a leader. Do you believe that? It’s true! 

Even if you don’t think you lead anyone, you lead yourself. THAT may be the most challenging kind of leadership!


  • Be a confident leader? (whether in your personal life or your professional life?)
  • Lead from your unique set of strengths? (Do you know what your unique strengths are?)
  • Use your introversion to your leadership advantage? 
  • Take up space confidently with your extroverted counterparts?
  • Make more money, get that raise or promotion?
  • Start that business?

In I-WIL, You will learn how to first and foremost lead yourself, so that you can effectively and powerfully lead others in your life. 

Expect this group to be a time of powerful transformation, abundant support, growth and self-discovery. (It’s really exciting!) 

Do not expect yourself to be fearless or perfect or any other unrealistic expectation of yourself. (That’s too much pressure!)

Leave room for the group and the coaching to help you transform into a leader that affects change, first and foremost for yourself and then, for those around you.

If any of this resonates with you, then this group could be a good fit for you! Set up a time to talk with me to determine if this is the group for you! 


No matter what you have been through, no matter the trauma, loss, heartache-no matter the grief, whatever the “it” is, it does not have to define you. YOU CAN THRIVE in your life.

This YOU CAN THRIVE group is specifically for those who have experienced religious trauma. Have you had a painful experience in a religious setting that has hurt your relationships or your view of God/Creator?

Nothing affects a person’s ability to move confidently through life than feeling stuck in trauma, loss and grief. Religious trauma is no exception because there is often deeply embedded indoctrination that must be carefully challenged and old, unhelpful beliefs that need to be replaced.

Would you like to…

●  Relieve yourself of guilt and shame?
●  Disentangle from indoctrination and gain more clarity?
●  Feel peace, hope, security and more?
●  Experience happiness?

This group is a safe place to heal from the pain, the manipulation, the control and the damaging indoctrination that has influenced your life. Through the course of time, you will be able to see and experience how you can thrive in your life after trauma. It is possible.


Amy’s living proof of being able to thrive after religious trauma and spiritual abuse. You will learn about her own experience and how she found a newfound freedom. 

This safe space is open to any person from any religious background. Mutual respect for one another’s religious background and experience is of the utmost importance. At no time, will anyone’s religious past doctrine or current views be questioned or judged.

If this group is something that you would be interested in, please sign up for a complimentary coaching session so that we can assess together if this would benefit you.

Love Yo’Self (and your Hot Bod!)

Fun title. Serious topic.

Don’t wait for that magic number on the scale or the perfect dress size to be happy. (You’ll always find something else you aren’t happy about). 

Instead, learn to be happy with yourself in the NOW. 

This group is for anyone looking to: 

  • Have a healthier view of themselves. 
  • Love and accept their body.
  • Feel Sexy. 
  • Gain Confidence in who they are. 
  • Be FREE of shame. 
  • Have more FUN?

In this group, women like you, will become aware, maybe for the first time, what their subconscious beliefs are about their body.

With awareness, comes the power to alter your unhelpful beliefs and replace them with new stories (beliefs) about yourself and your body.

When women can begin to love themselves for who they are right now (as opposed to when they are a certain size, shape or number on the scale) and have a healthy perspective of their body, they tend to begin to lose unwanted pounds with little effort or through smaller-scale habit changes.

This is such a delicate topic.

It’s very likely that you have tried EVERYTHING you know to lose weight and feel better about yourself and are still unhappy (or maybe even miserable). You have likely spent loads of money, time and tears on your weight loss journey. I would suspect that you are short on money, feeling like “time is running out” and tired of crying about it all. Am I right?

I know because that was me. I was full of shame, guilt and so many diet failures, I have lost count. Throughout the coaching group, I will share my personal and professional experiences as I helped myself (with my coaches guidance) and how I have helped others through coaching to come into a new relationship with themselves, while reaping benefits along the way.

This is not a quick fix. This is deep, inner work, but oh, so good. Schedule a complimentary coaching session to see if this group is for you

UN-LOC (Living OUT with Confidence)

This group is for any women or non-binary persons who wants support in any stage of the coming out process later in life.  “Later in Life” could be in your later 20s, 30s or 40s…or it could be in your 50’s and beyond. 

This is a safe space for all peoples to express themselves without criticism or judgment.

This group will explore the ways in which you can begin to show up in the world and live OUT with more confidence in who you are, UN-LOC-ing the barriers that are preventing you from living OUT and what you can offer to the world, simply by being you.

Do you want to: 

●  Come OUT to those you love?
●  Come OUT and Live OUT in your workplace, family, neighborhood?
●  Grow your Confidence?
●  Feel at peace in your process?
●  Be HAPPY Living OUT?
●  Get support if you are not quite “out” yet?
●  Have safe support, as you heal from the pain of rejection (from family, friends, etc) and

STILL learn how to LIVE fully who you are?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then this group could be a good fit for you!

More Testimonials


No problem! Let’s chat! I will answer your questions about 1:1 Coaching and Group Coaching so you are better informed to make a decision that feels good for you.

Whether it is 1:1 Coaching or Group Coaching, I offer an easy-peasy, no stress, no obligation and completely free consultation to determine a) which coaching option is a good fit for you and b) if we are a good fit for each other.

The initial complimentary call lasts about an hour, but I always allow for more time, if needed. 


No problem and no pressure. You’ll know if and when it’s a good time for you.

Client Stories

Although these are stories of real clients, their names and some minor details to their stories have been altered to protect their privacy.

Evelyn’s Story

Evelyn came to me desperate. On the outside, she looked successful. She had a thriving career as a business executive, married with a family and plenty of friends.

Inwardly, she was deeply unhappy. She had lost a sense of who she was. She was consumed with guilt, shame and even panic, which was leading her to make very poor decisions for her life. She longed for meaningful relationships. She was deeply insecure in every area of her life and extremely unhappy. She felt shackled.

Because Evelyn was so desperate for help, she dove into coaching with unequaled determination. She dug deep through decades of anger, resentment, pain and abuse. Over time, she was able to release herself from the cycles of guilt and shame that she had found herself in time and time again.

Do you know what happened when she was able to do that?

She found her power. 

Evelyn began to feel more and more equipped to make decisions that were enabling her to be more confident than ever before. She was willing to let go of her self-judgments.

Do you know what happened then?

She cleared the way to see just how enormously talented she was (and always had been). She saw her vast skill set with greater clarity and her confidence soared.

As we continued to work together, Evelyn withdrew from toxic relationships and began stepping toward more meaningful relationships.

As she continued to strip away the layers of self-doubt, she found herself taking better and better care of herself. She was making healthier choices, resulting in weight loss of nearly thirty pounds.

Despite not having an official leadership title in her job, she took on more and more leadership responsibilities and had a frank discussion with her boss, which led her promotion and massive raise.

By the time Evelyn finished coaching with me, she was a transformed woman. Additionally, she learned valuable tools to take with her so that she could continue her growth.

Theresa’s Story

Theresa came to me after hitting what she called, “the last straw”. She recognized that she had played it safe her whole life and that no longer appealed to her. Her job, which she had been working at for most of her career, was painfully boring to her. She was inundated with more and more paperwork and more and more toxic relationships in her work life. Naturally, this brought her more and more frustration.

It was, quite literally, sucking the life and energy right out of her. She wanted more, so much more.

Theresa wanted coaching because she wanted to turn her passion for helping others into a profitable business, with the hopes of one day quitting her job.

 Through coaching with Amy, she came face-to-face with her fears, insecurities and self-doubt. She replaced her limiting beliefs with new, more powerful beliefs.

Do you know what happened then?

Her confidence grew. Her energy sky-rocketed and her excitement exploded! Despite the fact that her work circumstances (external) hadn’t changed, her (internal) outlook improved.

Do you know what happened next?

As Theresa grew her self-worth and gained more confidence and clarity about what she wanted, she was able to work through those work conflicts with a calm confidence. Her frustration lifted and a sense of peace  filled her instead, not 100% of the time, but enough to make a big difference in her day to day work life.

Then, do you know what happened?

Because she was spending less time feeling anger and frustration and more time feeling content and at peace, not only was she happier, but she had also created more time and had more energy to work on her dream job.

What happened next, you ask?

Theresa persisted. She tried new things. She boldly put herself out there, offering her services to new clients. She was willing to alter, modify and improve her plans. She gained clarity about what she wanted and how she wanted it.

Theresa’s vision began to take shape with greater levels of clarity and hope. Now, as she builds her business, she is finding joy in the process while helping her clients feel really good about themselves.

Are you ready to be the next success story?

Why put off for another day the transformation that you deserve?

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