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Amy Vaughn

Adversity and Transformation Coach

Affirmations are one of the easiest and most effective ways to strengthen your mindset and overhaul those pesky, negative things we say that seems to sabotage our growth. 

Affirmations were a TOTAL GAME CHANGER for me Y’all. I was more of a pessimist and would get so sucked into my negative thinking. I thought affirmations were stupid and too “hippie dippie” for me, but when life started spiraling hardcore and I was close to hitting the bottom, well, you get a little desperate.

I started listening to affirmations on YouTube and over time, I noticed that I was not so negative, that I was able to be more aware of my less-than-helpful thoughts and replace them with thoughts that were much more helpful to my life and my circumstance. Seriously, it CHANGED my life. 

I’m going to share some of my favorite affirmations with you moving forward because they are THAT stinkin’ good. 

I have all the answers within me.

Isn’t that the most AMAZING affirmation?
What IF it were true??

How often do you tell yourself, “I don’t know”, or “I don’t know what to do”, or “I don’t know how to do that”. How many times do we jump the gun, or worse yet we ignore our gut instinct?

You may not actually know what to do or how to do it. You may not know what to say, what you are feeling or what you think about a certain topic. You know what? That’s okay!

We are busy. Our lives are full. And oftentimes, we can feel like we are going a million miles an hour. BUT…when we slow down a bit, when we can hit pause for a moment, when we declutter our life just a bit, when we turn down the volume, we can better tune into our intuition. And let me tell you, your intuition is talking! Your intuition has your best interest in mind. If you slow down long enough, you will zero in on what it is saying to you.

  • You may not get THE answer, but you will get AN answer.

  • You may get an idea that helps you know what to do next or what to say to so-and-so.

  • You may tune into feelings and thoughts that you were setting aside or brushing under the rug.

  • You may get a gentle nudge to seek guidance from another source.

  • You may even get a sense about what to do that doesn’t actually work out, but it leads to the next idea that *does* work.

I have been working with a coach for almost three years and in that time one of the best things he (often) says to me is “Keep thinking about that and see what comes to you”.

That may sound like a load of BS, but it has proven helpful time and time again. (I know this because I get so sick of hearing it in my calls. When he says that to me, it is often followed by a huge eye roll from me. Don’t tell on me!)

When I take this advice (and I almost always do), I am able to go back and think and even journal more about that “thing”. After a few days or a week of taking the time to consider things, I go back to him, share what has come to me and what I sense my intuition is saying to me. 

I share this with my coach because I have blind spots and I appreciate his guidance and perspective. My coach may ask clarifying questions. He may push back on my thinking (which I hate, but almost always proves even more valuable!). Most of the time, he  gives me a good ‘ole virtual pat on the back for the progress I am making.  This back and forth dialogue with my coach more often than not, produces fruitful conversation that helps me know my next steps. (Even IF those next steps don’t lead to what I ultimately want. It ALWAYS gives me good information so that I can make a different/better decision later). 

I had a GIANT epiphany yesterday and I *can’t wait* to share it with you. This epiphany came, like all epiphanies do, after a culmination of many quiet moments of reflecting and thinking, after many conversations with my coach and also my partner.  

There were many smaller breakthroughs that happened along the way as I gave my subconscious mind more and more to work with, strengthening the more helpful thoughts and weakening the unhelpful thoughts. 

All that said, yesterday’s epiphany was a game changer for me. Go here to read more, “Epiphanies that ROCK YOUR WORLD”.

What do you think? I’d love to hear from you! (like…really!)

Curious about coaching? Send me an email ( I’d love to chat with you, answer questions and see if we are a good fit! 

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