Last month, I returned from my first solo-international trip to Portugal. This is one of the stories that changed my perspective on my life. I expected this trip to teach me many things: I expected to be empowered. I expected to feel some sort of liberation. I expected to grow my confidence. What I didn’t […]

The World Needs Your Brilliance

“The World Needs Your Brilliance” is not a trite platitude, nor is it meant to bolster the ego. Rather, it serves as a reminder that you have something of value to offer in a world that often feels deeply in need of loving kindness, compassion and empathy. The world truly does need your brilliance. Now, more than ever.

Do I need to get advice?

There is a time for advice and there is a role of advice. Don’t underestimate the power of your own intuition in the face of “getting good advice”.

How many times have you said, “I knew I should have done ‘x’” or “I knew I should have listened to my gut instead of so-and-so”. It’s so easy to second guess ourselves when we do not value or trust ourselves. This is not a criticism of you, but rather more of an observation of the environment that made you feel like you couldn’t or shouldn’t trust yourself.

More Info, Please!

Gathering more information is crucial in making a decision, because it also means that the more information I have, the less I am going to second-guess myself. With more information, I can not only make a better, more informed decision, but I can make it with confidence.

Mindset: Making It Work For You

When it comes to decision making, YOU have to be the one to make the decision, because it is YOU who is going to live with the outcome of your decision. So, if you are not feeling it, take heed. There is a reason.

Making Big Decisions: Why Is It So Hard?

Making decisions can be difficult because they can be filled with risks, uncertainty and fears. Making decisions can also be challenging when there is a lack of self-trust and emotional trauma. I share my journey of breaking free from a toxic church and finding myself for the first time.

Why I Stopped Pretending

Our culture celebrates shiny, perfect things and people are no exception. We live in a culture of perfectionism and pretending, even while there is a counter-movement to live vulnerably and wholeheartedly (Thank you very much, Brene Brown!). We post our perfect lives, with our perfect partners and our perfect kids, going on our perfect vacations…and then back to our perfect careers. We all know that social media does a number on our psyches. We KNOW that we are not seeing people’s perfect lives, but we still get sucked into the comparison game and feeling really lousy that our messed up, ugly lives don’t match up with what we are seeing on the socials. And we know it’s wreaking havoc on our social-emotional well-being. Yet, here we are.

Epiphanies That ROCK YOUR WORLD

Your belief creates the life you have or the life you want. If you don’t like the outcomes in your life (in any or all areas), you must change your beliefs. The same is true for your self-worth. What is self-worth anyway? Self-Worth is what you believe about yourself.

Intuition For The Win

We are busy. Our lives are full. And oftentimes, we can feel like we are going a million miles an hour. BUT…when we slow down a bit, when we can hit pause for a moment, when we declutter our life just a bit, when we turn down the volume, we can better tune into our intuition. And let me tell you, your intuition is talking! Your intuition has your best interest in mind. If you slow down long enough, you will zero in on what it is saying to you.

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