Game Changer Affirmations

Here is the reality: if you are not able to love yourself as you are, in the NOW, you won’t be able to love yourself if you lose 5, 10, 20 or more pounds (you know I’m right). And, IF you lose some weight, chances are high that you won’t love yourself in your new, smaller size. You will likely find something else about yourself that you don’t love. Amiright?!

Here’s the thing: Negative energy is unhelpful. And negative energy breeds more negative energy. Extra “not helpful”.

Learn to change your mental game (your beliefs) and begin to make changes in your life. Don’t believe me? Try these affirmations out.

The Almost-Not Quite Life

You didn’t know me back then, or maybe, you had forgotten the Me that was the beginning You. I faded into the background, vanishing in the haze, abandoned for a time. You didn’t know me, or perhaps You simply forgot that part of You. At some point though, there was a burial—deep, deep—in the beneath, that space where memories fade and dreams are barely remembered. I waited-quietly, patiently for You to discover Me, unearth Me, enclosed behind a door of obscurity.

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