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Amy Vaughn

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The messiness of forming new Habits

Have you ever started something new, only to fall? Like…I’m talking a full-on face-plant? Have you made decision to try something scary-to-you only to have some hiccups that make you come to a screeching halt? I’m talking a full-on face-plant? What about those New Year’s Ressies that, all too often, turn into a big joke?

As you can see from my blog photo, my “something new” is…ummm….messy! This photo doesn’t show the splatter on the wall three feet away or the slop all over my freshly laundered sweatpants (because, what else would I be wearing while working from home?)  

I’m not sure WHY I took the lid off of my Vitamix whilst blending my spinach-flax-berry smoothie, but I did and this photo shows the proof.  Not only that, but juuussst before making this mess, I attempted to juice my orange-ginger-lemon drink, failing to ensure the plastic bin used to collect the pulp was securely behind the juicer. Actually, not only was it not securely in place, it wasn’t even there, y’all. Soooo…yeaaaah. I’m over here dealing with my big little messes.

Here’s the thing: Things are going to get real up in here if you are trying to implement changes to your new year (or changes any time of the year, for that matter. Amiright?).  Whether it is working on your health & wellness, starting that new hobby…or beginning your new business venture, knowing there will be bumps in the road and being at peace when things go awry can make all the difference in achieving your goals. 


Whether you encounter little baby hiccups or seemingly massive roadblocks, you can overcome them with a slow-and-steady mindset. Welcome the hiccups, give the roadblocks some access (cuz they are coming whether you like it or not). Say “Hey!” to the barriers and all the messes that come with doing new and hard things, trusting that you will learn something from them that will help you reach your goals (even if it is as simple as making sure the lid is on the blender or the bin is in place!)

Before throwing in the towel on your NY intentions or whatever it is that you are doing that is new or different for you, Breathe. Clean up the mess, get yourself in a peaceful mindset (whatever that looks like for you-even a glass of wine is okay, but probs not the whole bottle) and then…Reassess.


  • What, if any, modifications do you need to make? 

  • Are you clear on your vision, goal/s and steps? 

  • Are there additional, perhaps smaller steps that you can include, to make your goals more achievable? What can you celebrate even in this mess/hiccup/roadblock? Celebrating the baby steps along the way are vital because they keep things in perspective.

  • Be patient with yourself. Every step you make is an opportunity for learning more about yourself. 

  • Be kind to yourself. Yes. This is similar, but different. It’s the next-step sort of thing. Instead of saying something that is less -than-helpful about yourself, reframe your “negative” speech with something more beneficial to yourself. 

    For example, in the case of my messy mishaps, instead of saying, “How could I be so stupid. What is wrong with me today??”, I might say, “Welp, that wasn’t very helpful” or “That wasn’t my most brilliant moment!” (Full disclosure: I still got mad and may have yelled a profanity. But, after that relatively small outburst, I breathed and assessed the situation at hand. Surprising, even to me, I laughed at the situation and the mess, saying, “Well, I guess I’m not on my game today!” And then, I realized how significant this moment was for me. Normally, “before”, I would have yelled and carried on. It would have set the tone for my entire day and it would have likely been a shitty day. Not only that, but anyone around me would experience my mood. Sound familiar? I’m pretty sure I’m not alone. 🙂

I wanted to share this because, well…it’s real life. I have begun TWO new adventures. One being my art business and the other is my steadily growing Coaching practice. There are a lot of learning curves and growth opportunities that have come along the way. It has been invigorating and grueling. It has been challenging to the bone and filled with so much promise, I can hardly breathe, at times. A year ago, there was no way in hell I wanted one more challenge added to my already challenging life. I needed a year to gain a year’s experience. I needed a time to take one baby step and a time, until I realized my baby steps converted into regular, grown-up steps and sometimes even morphed into full-on leaps. I’m not even kidding. 

So, when life is messy and hard…when the newness wears off and it’s just annoying…when you just don’t want to clean up one more mess or deal with one more challenge, remember that you are Enough of what you need for that moment. Just one step is all you need to take. One itty-bitty bite-size step…and then another. You got this. 


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