The World Needs Your Brilliance

“The World Needs Your Brilliance” is not a trite platitude, nor is it meant to bolster the ego. Rather, it serves as a reminder that you have something of value to offer in a world that often feels deeply in need of loving kindness, compassion and empathy. The world truly does need your brilliance. Now, more than ever.

More Info, Please!

Gathering more information is crucial in making a decision, because it also means that the more information I have, the less I am going to second-guess myself. With more information, I can not only make a better, more informed decision, but I can make it with confidence.

Mindset: Making It Work For You

When it comes to decision making, YOU have to be the one to make the decision, because it is YOU who is going to live with the outcome of your decision. So, if you are not feeling it, take heed. There is a reason.

Three Strategies to Start Healing

The pandemic, mass shootings, loneliness, depression, anxiety and more. In this country and around the world, we are in a perpetual state of trauma. Don’t just cope with trauma. Learn how to come out on the other side by learning how to take more from It than It takes from you. Learn specific and effective strategies to begin your healing.


Regrets are a shackle. They keep us chained to guilt and shame. They keep us in a scarcity mindset. They are a terrible master.

Do you have things that, knowing what you know now, you would do differently, if given a Re-Do? Sure! This is a healthy way to look at our past. What THIS mindset shift means is that we can TAKE something valuable away from a part of our history that is not our favorite, something that hurt us, shamed us and shackled us. Whether that “something” was by our choice or done to us, we can LEARN to take more away from it than what it took FROM us.

How Limiting Beliefs Limit You

Building a website from ground up was no small feat…especially if you’re like me and the frustration of tech problems makes you want to launch the laptop out the window (Enneagram 1 here…who’s with me?? Perfectionism robs us of our Joy. It’s a thing).

And what does this photo have to do with building a website?

Because, Y’all…I faced a big fear and I overcame it like a CHAMPION. That’s why!

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