The World Needs Your Brilliance

Amy Vaughn

Adversity and Transformation Coach

I wrote this because I needed it.

and then I decided to share it because it’s too important not to. 


That title, “THE WORLD NEEDS YOUR BRILLIANCE” carries a lot of meaning for me.

I need to read this as a part of my daily practice.

I need to read it when nothing makes sense.

I need to read it when I feel like I don’t have a place in this world.

I need to read it when I question my ability to make a meaningful difference.

“The World Needs Your Brilliance” is not a trite platitude to make me feel better about myself, nor is it meant to bolster my ego. Rather it serves as a reminder that I have something of value to offer in a world that often feels deeply in need of loving kindness, compassion and empathy.

It is not a means of applying pressure. It’s not a manipulative tactic to get me to go out and do something “important” or to make me feel bad that I am not doing enough.

It is a reminder that although this world is hard—really hard—it is also laced with an abundance of beauty displayed in the various acts of kindness that I am privileged to join. It is a reminder that I possess inherent qualities that, when applied, can be useful to ease pain, bring joy, add light to what sometimes feels like a really cold and dark world.

This is what I have come to believe. Like…really believe.

I am worthy.

(So are you).


I am enough.

(So are you).


I am brilliant.

(So are you).

I get to take up space.

(So do you).

I deserve to be heard.

(So do you).

I deserve to be taken seriously.

(So do you).


I deserve to be loved, accepted and valued.

So. Do. You.

I believe in me…and I believe in you.

I believe that we are all incredibly and indescribably valuable and brilliant. I believe we are given opportunities to play significant roles in spreading light and love in this world, even in the smallest of ways.


“I believe in me.”

That is a new belief which I spent years rumbling and wrestling with in order to actually believe. Before, I might have said I believed it and maybe I did on a conscious level. But subconsciously? Nope. Subconsciously, my worth was tied to what I could do rather than who I was. I wanted to believe in myself, in my innate worth, but the truth of the matter is that my self worth was tied up in all the wrong things. Not only that, I was simply too busy, too stressed, too burned out, too “in my head”, too stuck in self-defeating beliefs, all while I was a high-achieving, get-things-done sort of person. Does this sound familiar?

Before, perfectionism held me hostage; I didn’t know how to release myself from my own unrealistic and incredibly high standards for myself (not to mention the unrealistically high standards I had for others).

Before, I did what was expected of me, ignoring and even shunning my own inner guidance.

Before, I needed and survived on the approval of others, because that is where I got my sense of worth.

Before, I got my value from the roles I lived as a mother, wife, and a leader within my former church because those are the roles I was taught were most valuable.

And now?

Now, I know my worth is not tied to my roles, my successes, my talents, religion, sexuality, bank account or even, what I can do for others. My worth is inherent.

Now, I can more clearly understand how those beliefs do not serve me. And they don’t serve you either. Those beliefs are harmful. In fact, those beliefs constantly betray us. They have a way of dulling all of the brilliance that resides within us to the point we begin to believe that we don’t really have any brilliance at all. When we believe that, we lose our power, our sense of agency and ownership over our lives.


Even though I have drastically changed my beliefs (and therefore my life), I sometimes revert to those old, demoralizing thought patterns. I momentarily lapse into self-doubt and self-criticism. When that happens, I am able to quickly recognize the reemerging beliefs and I am able to apply the mental and emotional work to realign myself with the beliefs that help me remember my worth.


This did not happen over night and it didn’t happen on my own. It happened because of my years of actively pursuing coaching. Applying the strategies that I learned through coaching has helped me replace the damaging beliefs with beliefs that help me see and accept all of the good and even brilliant qualities I possess with unwavering self-love. AND THAT has allowed me to love more deeply. It has directly influenced how I live my life. And now, I am happy that it also allows me to help other people do the same.


In what ways could changing your beliefs and buying into your brilliance change your life for the better?

If you want to change parts of your life, you must first change your beliefs. There is no other way to consistently change your life without first changing your beliefs. If you don’t know where to start, I can help with that. If your tired of hitting your head against the proverbial wall or if you want to stop beating yourself up for not being able to change, I can help you.

I know the way because I have been there many times.


If anything is resonating with you, it may be time to seek help from a professional. It doesn’t have to be me (although I would be honored to help you), but seeking professional help can lead you to a more fulfilling and vibrant life where you can recognize your own brilliance and then decide where and how to shine.

Curious? Want more info? See below to read who coaching is for, how coaching may help you, client testimonials and more.

I hope you know that you are brilliant and the world needs your brilliance.




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I’m a firm believer that anyone can benefit from working with a coach. It’s not just for professional athletes or for top-level executives. It is for anyone who wants to improve their life.

Coaching is for:

  • Anyone who wants their life to be a little bit (or a lot!) different.

  • Anyone who is tired of feeling stuck and ready to make a shift.

  • Anyone who needs support to launch their career or business.

  • Anyone who feels directionless, hopeless or lost and needs support to take just one step.

  • Anyone is eager, motivated and driven, but needs a little help getting on track.

I LOVE facilitating change is people’s lives (and I’m really good at it).

I help men and woman change their lives because I am able to see their potential far more than they can see it in themselves.

I work with women to face their fears, grow their self-worth and live the life they previously thought was too good to be true.

I have shown women how to get unshackled by their own perfectionism, low self-esteem and negativity.

I have guided women to transform their mindset in order to:

  • launch their business

  • lose their unwanted weight

  • restore relationships

  • create boundaries in toxic relationships and

  • take their careers to the next level (both in title and in income). 

I have comforted women through their traumas—from childhood trauma and emotional abuses to religious trauma.

I have supported women who have gone through life-altering events such as divorce, death and coming out.


If you are curious , interested or intrigued, let’s talk.

I always offer a complimentary coaching call so that we can see if we are a good fit and you can get a sense of what coaching with me is like. My clients regularly tell me that they leave the first call feeling hopeful, eager and ready to make changes in their lives. Here’s one client’s testimonial:

“I am so grateful to be working with Amy. She is compassionate and asks the questions I need to answer in order to progress in life. After our first session, I felt energized, enthusiastic, and focused on taking the first few steps necessary to begin building the life I want to live. Amy’s approach is personable; she strikes a perfect balance between actively listening to me while sharing her life experience as it relates to mine. I feel very comfortable sharing my thoughts with her, and I look forward to our continued work together!”. -Thalia Tarsinos, Educator, Yoga Instructor, Entrepreneur. 


Email me at or reach out to me all the social media platforms.

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