Using Your Superpowers to Level Up

Amy Vaughn

Adversity and Transformation Coach

Yes, you have a Superpower…In fact, you have Many! 

What is a Superpower anyway?

It’s not just the newest buzzword in internet-land. It’s that gift, that “thing”, that strength you possess and it is something that comes rather naturally for you…because it is BUILT into your genetics. Yes, it can be something that you can nurture and grow stronger in, but it is a part of Who You Already Are. Some Superpowers are laying dormant, waiting for the right time to emerge and develop. Different stages of life will reveal new Superpowers you didn’t even know existed. 


GOT GOALS? What about hopes and dreams for your future? Identifying and knowing your Superpowers are essential if you want to turn your dreams into reality and reach your goals. 


IF you know what your Superpowers are, good for you! That is a big step because most of us just aren’t sure. We have been trained to be self-critical, to a fault. Many of us, tend to be so busy putting ourselves that we have no idea the power we possess! Therefore, it can be a challenge to know (AND claim) and then use our Superpowers. 


If you know your Superpowers, write them down on a post-it, in your planner or somewhere that you can retrieve the list quickly, in case… you know…you get sideswiped with insecurity or pounded by doubt (It happens to the best of us).  We all need these reminders so that we can Live INTO our Superpowers, because the more we know it in our MIND, the more we can LIVE it out in our life!)


 Not sure what your Superpower is? Never Fear! 


Here is a quick, easy (and relatively painless) list of questions that will help you excavate and uncover your Superpowers: 


Take a few minutes to ask yourself these questions and write them down.  This is going to be your Go-To list when you need clarity or a dose of self confidence. 


  • Who do you admire? What qualities do they possess that you admire? Believe it or not, you are attracted to them because there is something IN YOU that is similar. Their qualities that you admire are clues for you to identify your own Superpowers. 


  • What do YOU do well? What seems effortless to you? Start an ongoing list of all the things you do well (I’m serious!). Keep that list and add to it when you discover another Superpower. This is important to keep an ONGOING list because we are not finite creatures, in the sense that as long as we are alive, we are constantly evolving (I mean, there are folks who chose NOT to evolve and grow, but that’s another blog). 


  • What are some accomplishments you are most proud of? It’s very likely you will discover your Superpowers are woven into those accomplishments. What did it take for you to succeed in that milestone? How did others respond to your accomplishments? How were they inspired by you then and now? 


  • What do you get asked to do? Think both personally and professionally. If people who know you are asking you for help in specific areas, this is a great clue to the strength of your Superpower. 


  • If you are still not sure, phone a friend. Simply ask them, “What qualities do you see in me that are strengths? What do you think I am good at/do well in?  I want to see if there are any areas that I am not able to see in myself and need another set of eyes to help me”.


Identifying your unique strengths and skills can help you get to that next level you are aiming for, whether it is in your career or in your personal life. YOU are capable of so much. To be sure, getting crystal clear on your Superpowers is the most significant way to reach whatever goals and dreams you have. You are more powerful than you know. (Read that last sentence again.)

So…LAST Question: If you know what your Superpowers are, HOW are you using them?

 If fear is a stumbling block or if doubts are creeping in like Kryptonite, let’s chat soon. I can help. I can help because I had to do a lot of inner work and excavating to be clear on my Superpowers (one of them, come to find out, is seeing the superpowers in others and helping them reach their goals using their own superpowers). 


Let me know what you think! I’d love to hear from you! HMU at OR sign up for my newsletter to get more tips, tricks and goodies. Just click the JOIN IN tab at the top right of this page.



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