BE the Storm

Amy Vaughn

Adversity and Transformation Coach

You may be able to relate to feeling like you are IN a storm. After all, we are living in one pandemic supercell of a storm. Everyone goes through storms throughout their lives. Some of us live through many of them. It’s called being Human. 

Can you relate to what it feels like to be IN a storm?

  • It often feels like life is out of control.

  • You may experience intense tension, anxiety or stress.

  • You may feel as if there is nothing you can do to resolve or improve your situation.

  • You may often or at times feel intense emotions, such as anger, sadness, frustration, despair, discouragement and the like.

  • You may not have the support system that you need to help you through the emotional toll of your storm. 

Does any of that ring a bell? If you have felt any of the above, know that you are certainly not alone. When we are in our own storms, it can easily feel like we are in it all alone, even if we are surrounded by supportive loved ones. It’s the nature of our storms.  


What if you could shift your mind in a way that drastically improves your well-being the next time a challenging situation comes your way…like, you know…tomorrow. 


When you are able to shift your mind from being a casualty of a storm to BEING the Storm, you, some profound shifts can happen: 

  • You can experience a sense of control, even if the situation is not or can not be immediately resolved. 

  • You can decide to lean into the intense feelings so that you can move through them powerfully. 

  • You can discover your reservoir of strength, determination, grit, resilience and more.

  • You will feel more equipped to face the challenges before you. 

  • You can have greater clarity for, and open to possible solutions.

  • You have a willingness to endure the present challenge, knowing that YOU will take more from the challenge than it will take from you. 




There is unspeakable strength that occurs when you determine that YOU will take more from a challenge than it can take from you.


THAT is grit.

THAT is resilience.

THAT is determination.


The circumstance may not change; the change happens within YOU.


And THAT is where it all begins!


If any of this resonates with you, let’s chat.

If you want to change your view with this mindset and start living life on solid footing (instead of weathering the storm), then we need to talk. Seriously.

Email me TODAY and let’s start a conversation. Email me at

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